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Chattanooga’s Independent News Source




Alan Golds - Patton Parkway

Beathea’s - Brainerd Rd.

Billy Hull’s Castaways Club & Lion’s Den - Brainerd Rd.

Black Angus - Cherokee Blvd.

Brainerd Beach Club - Brainerd Rd.

Brainerd Café - Brainerd Rd.

Brass Register - Georgia Avenue

Brown’s Tavern - Highway 41, Tiftonia, GA

Bob Brandy Sshow

Buckets O’Brien - Brainerd Rd.

Bud’s - Main St. & Hixson Pike

Chattanooga Jaycees Fair - Amnicola Hwy.

Chattanooga Jaycee’s Haunted Houses

Christopher’s - Brainerd Rd.

City Lights - Brainerd Rd.

Clancey O’Tooles

Classic Cat - Main Street

Coral Reef - Frazier Ave.

Cotton Patch - Main Street

Country Line Bar - Highway 27

Dairy Gold - Brainerd Road & Dayton Blvd.

David’s - Vine Street

Dr. Sage’s - Downtown Chattanooga

Duff’s Smorgashboard - Lee Highway

Engel Stadium

Faces - Brainerd Rd.

Fifth Quarter - Brainerd Rd.

Frosty Mug - Central Ave. & Rossville Blvd.

Fantasy 2000 - Brainerd Rd.

FunTime with “Miss Marcia”

Fuzzy Duck - 23rd Street

George’s Hamburgers - 8th & Cherry St.

Germantown Pub

Gibson’s Discount Store - 23rd Street

Godfather’s Pizza

Go-Go Club - near Warner Park

Governor’s - Bonny Oaks Drive

Ground Zero - Cherokee Blvd.

Gulas - McCallie Ave.

Gulas - Lee Highway

Hannah-Adams TV - Brainerd Rd.

Hitching Post - Rossville Blvd.

Home Plate Cafeteria - Cherry St. at 7th St.

Hungry Fisherman - East Ridge behind the Flea Market

Imperial Beer Palace - Brainerd Rd.

JB & Friends

Jolly Ox - Brainerd Rd.

Jo-Jo’s - Brainerd Rd.

Katie’s Four A Clock - 23rd St.

Kay’s Kastle Ice Cream Shoppe - Brainerd Rd.

Kenny Rogers Roasters - Brainerd Rd.

Krystal - Brainerd Rd. at Germantown Rd.

Krystal - Cherry St. at 7th St.

Lanham’s Bible Bookstore - Brainerd Village

Leonard’s - Brainerd Rd. near the Brainerd Tunnels

Light Fantastic - Brainerd Rd.

Loft - Cherokee Blvd.

Longhorn - McCallie Ave,

Longhorn - Brainerd Rd.

Lott’s Roast Beef - Brainerd Rd. at McBrien Rd.

Lower Deck - Brainerd Rd.

Marlboro Drive-In - Lee Highway

Martin Theater - Downtown

Michael’s Cow Palace - Brainerd Rd.


Momma Theresa’s - Brainerd Village

Morning Show with Harry Thornton and Judy Corn

Morrison’s Cafeteria - Eastgate Mall

Milk Jugs

Night Deposit - Brainerd Rd.

Old Plantation Bar-B-Que - MLK Blvd.

Pack’s Tavern - Market St.

Palomino Club - Rossville Blvd.

Paty’s Place - Patten Parkway

Paul Gray’s Playlate Club - Lee Hwy.

Peddler’s - Osbourne Bldg. behind Brainerd Village

Pizza Home Delivery

Professional Wrestling with Harry Thornton and  Nick Gulas

Putt-Putt Golf - Lee Highway

Rathskeller - Cherry St.

Red Lantern

Read House Tavern - Downtown Chattanooga

Red Bank Drive-In - Dayton Blvd.

Rock & Country Club - Airways Blvd.

Rock House - Lee Highway

Roger’s Theater - Downtown

Ruby’s - Rossville Blvd.

Rustic Room - North Chattanooga

Rusty Nail - Brainerd Rd.

Sailmaker - Brainerd. Rd.

Sandbar - Amnicola Hwy.


Senators - Highway 58

Senor Frog - Eastgate Mall

Service Merchandise - Brainerd Village & McCallie Ave.

Shakey’s Pizza - Brainerd Rd.

Sound Post - Rossville, GA

South Pacific - Brainerd Rd.

Southland Skating Rick - Brainerd Rd.

Sportspage - Brainerd Rd next to Herb Adcox

Steak and Ale - Brainerd Rd.

Tiki Hut - Frazier Avenue

Vogue - Brainerd Rd.

WDXB - Read House Basement

WFLI Light In The Sky

WFLI Jet-Fly Spectacular

Whole Note - MLK Blvd.

Wooden Nickel - Brainerd Rd.


Yellow Deli - Brainerd Rd.

Yesterdays - Patton Parkway Downtown